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Most Common Reasons People Need to Post Bail During Summer

Why do more arrests happen in summer? Surprisingly more people post bail during summer. You do not want to spend time in jail during summer or any other season. It is good to know how to avoid arrests during the summer. In case it happens, you should also know how to post bail to secure your freedom.

Different reasons for posting bail during Summertime

The main reasons for posting bail during summertime are:

  1. Sporting events or concerts
  2. Drunk driving
  3. Burglaries
  4. Assault charges

Sporting events and concerts

Most sporting events and concerts occur during summer. In such events, the congestion in the arena makes it easy for criminals to commit an offense. Many people report fights during this period as well, so there is an increase in arrests and the need to post bail.

burglary bail

Drunk driving

To cope with summer heat, people tend to drink more fluids during summer. But when you drink alcohol, which is very common during summer, and you get behind the wheel, a law maintenance officer will arrest you. Cases of exhaustion while driving increases during the summer period. This means that there is an increase in the risk of causing an accident and subsequent arrests.


Most people take vacations during summer. They leave their homes vulnerable to burglars who break in and vandalize the homes. During vacation, people also tend to drink alcohol and abuse drugs more. Under such influence, they may commit a crime that lands them in jail and hence the need to post bail.


Tempers flare during summer, especially in social and public gatherings. Family disputes and neighborhood disagreements are also common during summertime. People tend to spend more time outdoors and are likely to clash with each other. In case you, a friend, or a family member assault someone, ensure that you consult a bail bond company to secure bail.

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