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Most Common Arrest Reasons on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s should be a happy day to celebrate love. But many crimes are reported on this day. Records also show that there are many arrests on this day hence the need to post bail. We review some of the common reasons for arrests on valentine’s day.

During valentine’s day, people celebrate the day in bars and drink too much resulting in crimes. At this time jilted lovers are at most vulnerable too, and may seek revenge. It is during Valentine’s Day or within that period that some lovers find out about their cheating partners and plan to revenge.

What are the most common arrest reasons on Valentine’s Day? Here are some of the reasons:

Crimes of passion

Infidelity is one of the reasons why many couples fight on Valentine’s Day. Most people discover that their spouses are cheating on them during valentines and attempt to revenge by committing crimes. Under the influence of alcohol, some partners may also compromise their relationships with their loved ones. Once their spouses find out, they get enraged and may assault, or commit other crimes to hurt them too.

couple fights

Drunk driving

Many people celebrate this day with lots of food and alcohol. Cases of arrests due to driving under the influence are many on this day. People should take the cab after an evening drink to avoid arrests. Some people also become violent and fight a lot due to petty issues when under the influence of alcohol.


A high number of people report stalkers every year. Mostly, they report such cases around valentine’s day. Ex-lovers may also be accused of stalking maliciously. Whatever the case, you may seek a restraining order from the courts through your lawyer.

What you can do

Spending time in jail during Valentine’s Day is such a bad experience. With the help of a professional bail bond company, you can post bail and secure your release.

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