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Juvenile Arrest: What to Do If Your Teenager Goes Into Custody

While most parents are shocked when their teenagers get arrested, a juvenile arrest is a common problem. Some common offenses that your teen may be arrested for include: simple assault, shoplifting, joyriding, underage drinking, graffiti charges, vandalism, and many others. Also, teenagers are arrested in school for some trivial things that you never thought could happen to an average person. The fastest way to get your teenager out of jail after you have learned of the arrest is to get in touch with a bail bondsman.

If your teenager is arrested, it might be a very upsetting and frustrating time for you as the parent or guardian, particularly if you are not familiar with what you should do and how the law works.

The first thing that all parents want immediately they learn of the juvenile arrest is to have their teen released from jail, but most parents do not know where they should begin.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here are some things you should keep in mind:

What Happens First?

Once the juvenile arrest has been made, the teenager is taken to the juvenile arrest center and interviewed. During this time the teenager is asked to provide authorities with their guardians or parents’ contact information. The officers will give you a call.

Paying Bail              

This is a very important phase that helps you get your teenage son or daughter out of custody. Keep in mind that you must only contact a licensed bail bondsman in Colorado for your bail bond to be valid. A bail bond is like a personal loan. The bail bondsman only gets a small percent of the total amount and gives you the money required to pay your bail.

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