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How to Escape From Jail…Legally

This article will detail some of the ways that one can get out of jail in the shortest time possible, of course in a legal manner. One can shorten their prison sentence by changing their behavior while in jail, among many other ways. We all know that bail bonds have been the surest way to get people out of jail while their case is being determined. However, after the case is determined and one is sentenced, they can still get out of jail before the term ends. Here is how:

  1. Good behavior while in jail
  2. Use your time in jail to recover from addictions
  3. Put in some work as a trustee

Good behavior is known to help inmates shorten their sentences. If you can cooperate with the authority figures and get out of trouble, you can be sure of escaping from jail legally, albeit in the long-run. As for now, the law is clear that a prisoner can earn up to 54 good behavior days credit per year.

An addiction recovery program is another way someone can shorten their sentences in prison. If one can correct their addiction behavior while in jail, it is possible for them to have their sentences reduced. You can even skip a prison sentence completely if you join an approved addiction program and complete it successfully.

bail court

The third manner in which one can have their prison sentence reduced is by joining a prison trusteeship. There are a number of qualifications that one needs to have for them to be granted a trusteeship. These are good behavior, non-violent conviction, and a low bond. As a trustee, you should keep up with good work and maintain your behavior; the prison sentence can be shortened considerably. A strong work ethic is a right way to gain a reduced prison time as a trustee.

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