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How to Bail Someone Out of jail

You can bail someone out of jail in three easy steps. The judge will grant or deny bail depending on the case status. But with professional help, and if you seek guidance from an attorney, or a bail bondsman company, you can secure bail.

man in jail

Here are three steps to bailing someone out of jail;

  1. Get updates on book status
  2. Bail bondsman
  3. Paying bail

Book status

You need to reach out to the person to find out where they are detained. A person should be arraigned in court as soon as possible after the arrest. Depending on the offense, you may find out the bail amount since some offenses have pre-set bail. But for others, you must liaise with the court to establish the bail amount. The booking process may vary from one jail to another. Usually, it involves taking of Passports and fingerprints. Recording contact and other personal information is also part of the booking process.

Contact a bail bondsman company

One may be released on recognizance. Most first time offenders or minor offenses qualify for release on recognizance. But for other offenses, you should contact a bail bondsman company. They will first find out if the offense qualifies for bail. Capital offenses do not qualify for bail. Secondly, if bail can be granted find out the amount. An attorney can help argue your case in case the bail amount is set excessively high. The 8th amendment prohibits judges from setting the excessive bail amount. A bail bondsman company can help you understand the different types of bonds, and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Paying bail

After paying the premium, and agreeing on the bail terms and conditions, the bail bond company will then post bail and secure your freedom.

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