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Free…But Not Really: What You Can and Can’t Do While Out on Bail in Colorado

After you have been arrested in Colorado, you can get out of jail on a bail bond with the assurance that you will show up for your set court dates. It is crucial to understand exactly how bail money works if you have been arrested.

With enough information, you will be more prepared about what to expect. Keep reading to learn everything about bail bonds in Colorado.

prisoner bail bonds

How the Bail Bonds Work

A bail bond, also known as bail money, is the money needed for you to get out of jail. Technically, you will have about 48 hours to post the bond. A bail bondsman comes in if you do not have enough money to cover the bail amount.

A bail bondsman will give you the money as a personal loan with interest so you can get out of jail and wait for the court date at home.

What Happens If You Miss Court?

Several things can happen if you miss the set court date. The bail agency can enforce a fee or take collateral in case the bail bond agency was your cosigner. If you still cannot be located, they will hold your cosigner responsible and might be liable for criminal charges.

Can You Leave Colorado?

You will be allowed to leave the state, but cannot leave the United States. There are special cases where you will be asked not to leave the state and the judge will demand that you must remain within the state.

Get Help When You Desperately Need It

Having a reliable bail bond in place grants you the freedom you need to plan your defense, hire a lawyer, and make the right plans for the impending court date. It also gives you the time you need to make sure your family is well taken care of.

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