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Has someone you love just been arrested? Are you feeling lost and don’t know where to turn? An arrest is a major event that can turn someone’s life upside down – and affect the lives of their family members, too. When you need support and guidance through the process of bailing someone out, you need a trusted Colorado Bail Bondsman – ASAP Bail Bonds. With locations throughout the state of Colorado, we have experienced and certified bail bondsmen ready to help you.

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Colorado Bail Bondsman

  1. They’re someone you can trust. If you don’t have family or close friends to help you through this difficult time, a bail bondsman is the person to help you secure bail for your loved one. Maybe you’re not close with your family or you don’t want to involve them in the process – whatever the reason, you can consult a bail bondsman instead. A certified bail bonds agent will respect your privacy and help handle the matter confidentially.
  2. They know the process. For many people, securing a bail bond is completely new territory. If you’re not sure where your loved one is or how to get them released, a Colorado bail bondsman will. From checking on the status of your loved one to posting bail, bail bonds agents know every step of the process and will make it easier on you and your family.
  3. They’re more affordable. Bail bonds are expensive, and many people do not have the cash or property to offer up as bond. And, even if they do, that money or property can be lost if the arrested person does not show up for court. A bail bondsman only charges a percentage of the bail amount, and the best bondsman can set up a payment plan without requiring collateral. Your loved one shouldn’t have to remain in custody until their court date simply because you can’t afford the cost of bail.
  4. They’ll hold the arrested person accountable. If you’re concerned that your recently arrested loved one might leave town or not show up to court on the scheduled date, it’s very risky to pay for the whole cost of bail. A Colorado bail bondsman not only offers you a lower financial risk but also is responsible for the arrested person’s appearance in court. If the alleged suspect does leave town or miss his or her court date, the bail bondsman is responsible for ensuring that person’s return and rearrest. You won’t have to worry about finding your loved one and trying to fix the situation.

When you need a Colorado bail bondsman, turn to ASAP Bail Bonds. We understand the anxiety and frustration when it comes to posting bail, and our goal is to make that process as seamless as possible for our clients. We do not require collateral for most bonds; we also accept many different payment options and can set up a payment plan to help ease your financial burden. When you need a bail bond, we know that you need it ASAP.

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