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Affordable Bail Bonds Fort Collins

Searching “affordable bail bonds Fort Collins” and coming up empty? Things are difficult enough when a loved one is arrested. Getting them back home with you shouldn’t be. When you need to get your loved one back home quickly but can’t afford the cost of bail, contact ASAP Bail Bonds in Greeley. We are available 24/7 to help facilitate the bail process.

If you’re from Fort Collins but your loved one was arrested in Greeley, you’ll need a bail bondsman on-site in Greeley who knows the system and can help you navigate it. Acting fast is important when it comes to arrests in Greeley – it’s easiest to get bailed out of the Greeley facility. If you wait too long, your loved one could be transferred to Adams County Jail or Arapahoe County Jail. These facilities are not as nice as the Greeley Jail, and with the added time of a transfer, it will take even longer to get your loved one back home with you.

Affordable Bail Bonds Fort Collins

Getting someone out on bail without breaking the bank is a tricky thing to navigate. In the best cases, an arrested person is released on his/her own recognizance (R.O.R.). This means that they promise to appear in court and do not have to pay a bail amount to be released. In cases where monetary bail is ordered, the amounts range from $50 to $10,000 or more. The different factors that affect someone’s bail amount include the crime they are being charged with, their criminal history, and other risks. If you’re looking for information on “affordable bail bonds Fort Collins” for someone you love, you’ll need to choose the right bondsman.

Every bail bondsman is different. By Colorado law, a bondsman cannot charge more than 15% of the total bail amount. So, many bondsmen charge somewhere between 10-15% of bail for a surety bond (a bond created by a bondsman on behalf of the arrested person). However, some bail bondsmen also require collateral in case the arrested person does not appear in court. ASAP Bail Bonds is affordable because we do not usually require collateral for a bond. We also accept many forms of payment and can set up payment plans to offer affordable bail bonds for Fort Collins. Going through an arrest with someone you love is stressful and frustrating enough. We believe in providing compassionate, affordable service to help all those affected by an arrest through this difficult time. Call us right now – any day, any time, we’re available to help you get your loved one released and back home with you.

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