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What Does Co-signing a Bail Bond Mean?

After arrest, your family and friends will seek ways of securing your release so that you do not spend time in jail. They may co-sign a bail bond to secure your release.

Meaning of co-signing a bail bond

To co-sign a bail bond means that a person signs the indemnity agreement that gives him the obligation to ensure that the defendant will appear in court, and if the defendant fails to show up in court, they promise to pay the bond amount. After co-signing the bail, the defendant is usually released awaiting the court’s outcome.

bail sign

Conditions and co-signing rights

A bail bond company must prove that before co-signing, there is evidence of tangible property including cars, houses, or even cash. The bail bond company will insist on collateral just in case the defendant flees the country, and is not traceable within certain duration of time. The co-signer will lose collateral in case the defendant does not show up in court. But co-signers have a right to cancel the bond at any time. If they do, the bond company will ensure that the judge issues a warrant of arrest for the defendant to go back to jail.

Co-signing a bail bond-important fact you should know

Before you co-sign, it is important to understand the whole process. The defendant will secure release when you co-sign the bail bond. It will be your duty to ensure that the defendants adhere to the bond conditions. But before you co-sign, you may also ask for some conditions under which you will co-sign the bail bond. If the defendants need to check into rehabilitation or require a mental evaluation, as well as counseling, you may put up such conditions. In case the defendant is not willing to attend court hearings or flees the country, you should share such information with the bail bond company so that they can pick up the defendant and take them back to court.

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