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What Are My Rights After Being Arrested?

There are a certain series of events that follow when a person is arrested. Law enforcement is expected to follow specific procedures during and after the arrest has been made to ensure compliance with your constitutional and legal rights. In the United States, individuals who are arrested on suspicion of committing a crime have specific rights that need to be explained to them before they are subjected to any questioning. These rights protect the individual’s Fifth Amendment and must be read to the accused. It is only after you have been booked in jail that you can contact a bail bondsman.


Here are some basic rights you have as an arrested individual:

  1. You have a right to be booked
  2. Right to be presented before a judge
  3. Right to be released on bail

Once you have been arrested, you are booked. As part of the arrest process, the law enforcers will ask you for basic information such as your Birthdate and address. They can also take your photograph and fingerprint. Also, you can be asked for a handwriting sample or take part in a lineup.

After the arrest has been made, you have the right to be presented before a judge or a magistrate within a specified reasonable period, which can be after several hours or overnight. It might take longer if you have been arrested over the weekend. If you are not booked over a reasonable duration, your attorney has the right to appear before the judge and obtain an order instructing the police to present you before the court for the determination of whether you are held lawfully.

Based on the crime that you are being accused of committing, you have the right to be released on bail. Technically, after being arrested, you can get out of jail before the court date by posting bail. At this point, you can contact a reputable bail bondsman to post your bail so you can get out.

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