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Questions you’ll want to ask any bail bondsman you’re considering using

Are you licensed?

  • Make sure you are dealing with a reputable bail bondsman licensed in the state of Colorado. Before hiring any bail bondsmen, ask to see their license and identification.

Do I need a cosigner?

  • Some bond companies do require you to have a cosigner sign the bond to make the bond more secure. When this is the case the cosigner is the one paying for your release and is responsible for ensuring that you appear at your court hearing. If you fail to appear at your court hearing then your cosigner will have to pay the bond or surrender the property that was promised as payment.

What if I can’t afford my bail in cash? Is a payment plan available?

  • It is possible that you may not be able to afford the amount of your bail. Some bail bond companies do offer payment plans, although they may charge interest for this service. It also may depend on whether or not you have good credit and own a home. Additionally, many bail bond companies take other forms of payment such as credit cards.

How much is the premium (fee)?

  • By Colorado law, bail bondsmen are not allowed to collect any fee (called a bail premium) under fifty dollars and are not allowed to charge more than 15% of any bond amount. Also, be aware that jails and courts usually charge booking, filing, and bonding fees that range from $5.00 to $50.00.

Will I get any money back?

  • The fee (bail premium) is not refundable – it is the price of the bond that got you out of jail. However, if you appear in court on your assigned date, the rest of the money will be returned to you. Be aware that in some areas judgments against you may be deducted from your bail. Also, in some areas courts may deduct outstanding debts (for instance unpaid child support or taxes) from your bail.

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