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List of common terminology for bail bonds

After an arrest, family and friends will seek bail for their loved ones to be released. They do that by placing a bail as per the court conditions. Knowing some of the terminologies used in processing bail will make things easier. Here is a list of common terminology for bail bonds.

  1. Bail condition
  2. Withdrawal of bail
  3. Bail bondsman
  4. Bail bond surrender
  5. Forfeiture

 Bail conditions

Before the release of the defendant, the court sets certain conditions that the accused must meet. Common bail conditions include restraining orders and staying in a certain location during the bail period. The accused must meet the bail conditions or be returned in custody.

bail definition

Bail withdrawal

The court may withdraw a bail due to a violation of the above conditions. Another reason is due to the risk the defendant poses to society. The court may release a defendant and order for their re-arrest. To deny bail means a defendant is denied the bail and ordered to remain in custody, or it may be after the release.

Bail bondsman

Sometimes the defendant may fail to raise the bail amount. They may seek financial assistance from a company to offer a surety bond. A bail bondsman helps the defendant secure release. You will pay a bond premium of about ten percent of the bail amount which is not refundable. Bail bond companies must be licensed to operate in that particular state.

Bail bond surrender

Due to additional financial requirements or bail bond conditions violation, the co-signor can surrender bail. If they do, they are no longer responsible for the defendants’ release and the court may issue a warrant of arrest of the defendant.


After the court hearings, and if you abide by the bail conditions, you can claim the bail amount. But failure to meet the court conditions, especially if you do not appear in court for the hearing, you forfeit the bail and warrant of arrest is issued.

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