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How to find a loved one in jail

If a friend or a loved has been jailed and is now in prison, it could be a big challenge for you to keep in contact. This is due to the fact that inmates are more often transferred from their original prison. It is also true that every prison has their own rules on when and how a prisoner can be contacted. If your appeal bond is still being processed, you may need to contact a prisoner so that you can either get their details or get to know their condition in jail.

Here are some of the steps you can take to find a loved one in jail:

  1. Use of search engines
  2. Federal inmate locator tool
  3. Use of mail letters

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a database for all the prisoners in the United States. Searching this website can offer you crucial information about a prisoner. If you enter a prisoner’s name, the locator should help you get data such as where the prisoner is incarcerated. Use the prisoner’s first and last name to make the search. You may also input details such as the DCDC number, the NIS number or the FBI number.

Search engines are another very important way that one can search for a prisoner. Most prisons will identify their inmates through an ID number. As such, it important for you to search their ID number and use it in the search engines. This kind of search will give you information about the prison where the inmate is located as well as the location of the prison.

Once you have located the prison, you can contact the prisoners through mail letters. Always input the ID number of the prisoner so that the letters do not get lost. You may also need to think about bail bonds as a way of securing the release of the prisoner in case you have appealed the case.

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