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Can a bail agent post bail in another state?

Bailing out someone in another state adds complexity to the bail bond process. Many bail bond agencies don’t like to post bail bonds for people who are arrested out-of-state, because people who are arrested out of their home state are viewed as being high-risk for not returning to court. However, a person arrested out-of-state can contact a bail bond company in their home state or have a family member or friend do so and request a transfer bond. If someone arrested and jailed out-of-state has no access to long-distance call service, a licensed bail bond agency in the area should be familiar with the process and be able to help. A transfer bond is a bail bond that is posted from the home state of a person arrested out-of-state. Family or friends in the home state of a detained person can sign paperwork for the transfer bond on behalf of a person in jail. The home state bail bond company then works with a bail bond agency in the county and state where the detained person is jailed. The out-of-state bail bond agency will then work with you to secure a bail bond. Because there are more people and more hours of labor involved there is generally an extra charge involved, called the Transfer Bond Execution Fee. It tends to range from $50 to $100, although you should check with the out-of-state bail bond agency since the fee is determined by state and federal regulations.

We do work with out-of-state bail bond companies, although only if they are licensed by the state in which they operate. Also, you should be aware that Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington D. C., and Wisconsin do not allow for bail as an industry so there are no bail bond agencies in those states.

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