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Bail Bondsman vs. Bounty Hunter

If a defendant secures bail and friends and relatives cannot raise the bail amount, they may seek help from bail bond companies. Defendants can be released if the bail bond agents post bail on their behalf, but the defendant must honor court dates. In case they don’t, the bail bond agency can involve the bounty hunters to find the defendant, and present him to court.

Bail bondsman

Bail bondsman companies are licensed by the state to post bail on behalf of the defendant at a fee. There is a valid contract between the bail bondsman and the defendant on the percentage fee that the defendant must pay. A bail bondsman also enters into a contract with the state, that they will ensure that the defendant never misses the court date. They are responsible for the bail amount in case the defendant fails to show up in court.

The bail bondsman can only post bail for a defendant whom they trust. The courts also trust the bail bondsman to ensure that the defendant will honor the court dates. In case the defendant fails to show up, the bail bondsman will be forced to deliver a full bail amount to the court. To avoid financial losses, the bail bond company will try and deliver the defendant through bounty hunters.

bounty hunter

Bounty hunters

Bounty hunters complement bail bondsman company. They cushion the bail bond company against financial loss in case the defendant violates the court condition to show up for court hearing.

The operations of a bounty hunter are legal. Since in some instances they break in into residences or use force physically to force the client to attend court hearings, some people feel they do not operate within the law.

For a bounty hunter to be paid, they must ensure that the defendant shows up in court within the given period.

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