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5 Reasons Why Judges Deny Bail

If you are arrested, it is always advisable to post bail bond and regain your freedom quickly. There are reputable bail bonds agents from your locality who can help you escape jail. However, this depends on whether the judge will grant you bail in the first place. Judges can deny your bail application for the following reasons:


  • The seriousness of the crime


A judge may deny you bail, depending on the crime you are accused of committing. When you are charged with a violent crime such as armed robbery, murder, or rape, then your chances of getting bail are minimal.

why judges deny bail


  • Missing court dates


If you are awaiting trial and you have been consistently missing court dates, then a judge will have a reason to deny you bail. When you miss a court date, then your reputation before the judge is significantly injured. You appear irresponsible before the judge


  • Flight risk


If a judge believes for any reason that you are a flight risk, then they will deny you bail. The judge will use your previous criminal record to determine whether you are a flight risk or not. If you tried to flee in the past, then the judge may use their discretion to deny you bail. 


  • A threat to public


If a judge believes that you present any form of danger to the public once you are released, then they may deny you bail. Being charged with a violent or anti-social crime will prompt the judge to consider the safety of the populace when deciding on your bail application.


  • Repeat offense


If you have been convicted of the same crime in the past, then your chances of getting bail are slim. Repeat offenders give the impression that they never learned from their mistakes. Your trust before the judge will also be put to question if you are a repeat offender. Getting into a repeat crime suggests that you are not remorseful, unaccountable, and untrustworthy. Therefore, it will be quite difficult to get bail bonds for your release. 

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