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Always remember to call and follow up to make sure our expert bail bonds agents have received your online warrant search request. Let us do the work and by calling the courts.

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There Are Different Kinds of Warrants

There are two different kinds of warrants: arrest warrants, which are warrants giving officers permission to arrest you, and search warrants, which give law enforcement officials legal authority to search people and property. A bench warrant check will give you information regarding either type of warrant. We can do a bench warrant check for you if you are worried that you might have a warrant out for you.

Take Care Of An Outstanding Warrant Before It Becomes A Problem

An outstanding warrant is a serious problem that can result in you being arrested. You may not even know that a warrant has been issued in your name, and that can result in a warrant becoming outstanding. To find out if you have a warrant, fill out the form above or call us for a complimentary warrant search today.

Get A Free Warrant Search Today

Getting a warrant search is also a good idea before you apply for a job. Most employers will do a background check when hiring for a position. In addition to helping you avoid the shock and trauma of being arrested and jailed, having us perform a warrant check for you may help you during your next job search.

Check Your Warrant Status

If you are concerned that you might have an outstanding warrant, we can help you. All you need to do is call us or fill out the above form. We will check our database for information on any warrants you might have and get that information to you before you end up in jail.

Walk Through Bail Bonds

Once we have found the warrant it is time to do a walk through bail bond. Walk through bail bonds vary from county to county. Most counties will make you get booked in the county jail while other make you post bail with court clerk. Here is an example how a few counties do walk through bail bonds.


Adams County Walk Through Bail Bonds : After you have spoke to our bail bondsman and they have pulled an Adams County warrant search you will be directed to post bail bonds at the Adams County Jail Walk Through Window. This services is available Monday – Friday 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM. The Walk Through Bail Bonds specialist will have to take you down in the Adams County Booking and let you “skip the line and be the number one priority” Other Municipals such as Thornton CO, Westminster CO, or Arvada CO might also be able to do walk through bail bonds at their court houses with court clerk when you have a warrant through their municipal court. 

Arapahoe County Walk Through Bail Bonds : Once you get your Arapahoe County Warrant Search from our expert bail bonds agent you will need to clear up warrant. Unfortunately Arapahoe County doesn’t have any walk through bail bonds options. You must go turn yourself into the Arapahoe County Jail in Centennial CO. Consult with you bail bondsman but other options might be available for faster book in and book out process than the Arapahoe County Jail

Boulder County Walk Through Bail Bonds : When you get the results of you Boulder County Warrant Search the bail bondsman will give you your options to post a walk through bail bond. Boulder County offers walk through bail bonds with court clerk at court house. This type of walk through bail bond takes 10 minutes and requires no jail time at all. This is only available for failure to appear warrants. If it is a new charge such a failure to comply warrant (Probation violation) or court issued warrant you will not be able to do a court house walk through bail bond. You will have to meet with bail bondsman prior to turning your self into the Boulder County Jail.

Broomfield County Walk Through Bail Bonds : When you inquire about a Broomfield Warrant and get results back you can rest assured that our bail bonds company will make it very simple and easy to clear the warrants. Although the Broomfield Court house or Broomfield Jail do not offer walk through bonds the jail offers a fast book in and book out process. We like to say you will probably spend more time waiting in the lobby of the Broomfield County Jail

Denver County Walk Through Bail Bonds : Getting a Denver Warrant Search is super easy. Denver offers for the majority of their warrants at bond window at the jail. The bond window walk through bond only takes about 15 minutes and they will allow you to pick your next court date up to 60 days out. If you are on a felony warrant you will be forced to clear your warrant by getting booked in to the Denver Jail. Other option might be faster please speak to you bail bondman that conducted Denver Warrant Search to see options.

Douglas County Walk Through Bail Bonds : To get a Douglas Warrant Search very simple when you choose us to be your bail bonds agency. Douglas County doesn’t allow any court clerk walk through bail bonds but offer a faster service to get you booked in and booked out than other counties. On super busy days at Douglas County Jail might not be the best place to take care of your Douglas County Warrant. Ask your bail bondsman what other jails might be a faster release than the Douglas County Jail.

El Paso County Walk Through Bail Bonds : After to speaking to us about your El Paso County Warrant Search we will be pro-active about helping you secure a El Paso County Walk Through Bond Bonds. You will have to turn yourself into CJC (Colorado Springs Justice Center) to clear the warrant but agents will be sure to make sure it goes smooth and get you bail out right away.


 Jefferson County Walk Through Bail Bonds : To secure a Jefferson County Warrant Search you must complete our online warrant search submission. Once our bail bondsman has found your warrant we will determine what is the best solution for your Jefferson County Walk Through Bail Bond. All felony cases will need to go the Jefferson County Jail. Some Jefferson County Municipal courts and police departments are sometimes willing to do a quicker alternative by doing it either at court window or doing a book in at the police department. 

Larimer County Walk Through Bail Bonds : Although Larimer County sets mostly PR bail bonds occasionally they will set a surety bail bond. To get a Larimer County Warrant Search you need to fill out our online bail bonds submission and contact our bail bonds experts by phone to get info. Larimer County Walk Through Bail Bonds are super fast the the Larimer County Jail. Most bonds take 30 mins or less when you contact ASAP Bail Bonds.

Weld County Walk Through Bail Bonds : We specialize in doing Weld County Warrant Searches. Our friendly agents are always ready to take your call to get your Weld County Warrant cleared so you can go back to a normal lifestyle and not have to worry about going to the Weld County Jail at the worst time. Weld Count Walk Through Bail Bonds are not always the easiest to do over at the jail. If call and speak to our Weld County Warrant specialists we would be more than happy to find a better option so you do not have to be in jail long at all.