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Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

Spending a day or night in jail is a nightmare for many people. That is why one would seek the fastest way to get out of jail after an arrest by posting a bail bond. In doing so, many mistakes are made, including the following:

  • Providing false information
  • Failure to hire a competent bail bondsman
  • Not securing bail bond early

False information 

A defendant should always give truthful information to the bail bond company and the court. The judge can fail to grant bail based on false information given by the defendant. The bail bond company may also fail to trust you; this being one of the basic principles under which they operate. Remember, in case you fail to honor bail bond conditions; you may have to forfeit the bail amount, which leads to financial loss to their company.

bail bond mistakes

Incompetent bail bond companies

Hiring the right company ensures that you will secure a bail bond quickly. There are many scams in the bail bond industry so that other bail bond companies may not be able to negotiate your bail amount and other bail conditions due to their lack of expertise or experience. Through your defense lawyer, you should be able to identify a good bail bond company through which to post bail.

Delaying the processing bail bonds

Reputable bail bond companies operate round the clock and should be able to secure bail for you at any time. After an arrest, it is advisable for you to seek legal help immediately from these companies as they can identify a licensed bail bondsman to help you secure bail fast enough to get you out of custody. Defendants’ friends and relatives should cooperate to raise the bail amount, and if not possible, they should contact a surety bond company so that they get help to secure a surety bond, hence the defendant can be out of jail without any delay.

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