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Bail Bond Agents in San Juan County, Colorado

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ASAP Bail Bonds San Juan County is the top-rated bail bonds provider at the San Juan County jail.

We have local bail bondsmen that have years of experience working with the San Juan County court system. With such in-depth knowledge and being only minutes from the San Juan County jail, we promise our bail bondsman can secure the quickest discharge possible. ASAP Bail Bonds San Juan Countyyou’re your personal bail bondsman operating 24/7 including holidays. Call us day or night to get your questions answered and your bail bond posted. We offer the lowest rates and the most personalized experience in Colorado.

Get Help From ASAP Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one need a help by way of bail bondsman, call us. We work with efficiency and urgency so your friend or family member is released from jail ASAP! Without a prompt release, one can experience lost income, lost time with family and in extreme cases the loss of an occupation. We understand that time is of the utmost importance in our work. It is this reason that ASAP Bail Bonds agents operate 24/7 to post your bond immediately and without hesitation. Our agents post all bail bonds with discretion and work with those in custody for all charges. We have a thorough qualification process that ensures your bond is protected.

The process of releasing someone from jail and complying with the court thereafter can seem confusing. When you work with ASAP Bail Bonds in San Juan County, we guide you through each step with an expert. Our patient and steadfast bail bondsmen will explain each step to you and answer all questions until the bail bond is released by the court. We train our agents in the latest procedures and teach them to work with the local court system to personalize the procedure. This results in the fastest release time possible. These bail bondsmen are trained to underwrite bail bonds through a combination of methods which gives you the flexibility to setup financing and/or collateral alternatives too.

What Happens During the Bail Process?

The court process may be complicated, but the bail bonds process is much easier to understand. After your loved one has been arrested

  1. You call our office to talk about bail.
  2. We look up the bail amount and charges for your loved one.
  3. We calculate the bond premium and talk about what you’ll be charged.
  4. You and any co-applicants fill out a bond application and sign a standard contract. The co-signers serve as the indemnitor for the bail bond, which means they guarantee that your loved one will comply with the court.
  5. You pay your bond agent the bail premium.
  6. The bond agent will post bail for your loved one at the jail.

After your loved one has been released from jail, that individual will come see us as well.

What’s the Process to Release a Bond

Releasing a bail bond means getting money back from the court and ending your obligation as an indemnitor. That happens once your loved one has made all required court appearances or the charges have been dismissed. At this time, we’ll return your collateral. However, we retain your bond premium as the fee for our service.

San Juan County Jail Info

San Juan County Detention Center
(970) 387-5531
1557 Greene St, Silverton, CO 81433
Visiting Hours: Please call San Juan County jail for appointments.

Why We Are the Bail Bondsman San Juan County Trusts

ASAP Bail Bondsmen have been operating in Silverton, Colorado and the surrounding areas for years.

24/7 action means you can communicate with us day or night. This is immediate and straightforward, so you can be well-informed and stress free the entire time. You will be working closely with your agent throughout the process. Our attention is on integrity and working with your best interest in mind. When you review these traits along with our low charges, local relationships and flexible financing options, we are without a doubt the go-to bail bond agency.