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ASAP Bail Bonds is the premier bail bond agency serving Logan County, Colorado.

For years we have offered the fastest and most reliable service for our clients. Every bail bond is different and deserves a trustworthy bail bond agency. Our professional and personalized service ensures you receive the bail bond service you deserve at the Logan County jail. ASAP Bail Bonds is open 24/7 and guarantees the lowest rate on any bail bond. Our licensed bail staff are ready to serve you now. They are conveniently located minutes away from the Logan County jail which means we can get your loved one released ASAP!

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Logan County Jail Info

Logan County Detention Center
(970) 522-2578
110 Riverview Rd Rm 116, Sterling, CO 80751
Visiting Hours: Click here for information.

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ASAP Bail Bonds has built strong relationships with the Logan County community.

Our local business contributes to the county economy and our service helps keep families together. To give you the best service possible we operate 24/7. This gives you direct and instant communication. We focus on keeping integrity at the core of our operations as well. ASAP Bail Bonds strives to always act with your best interest in mind. Again, our sole mission is helping you! To best serve our customers we offer the lowest rates and extremely flexible financing options. Please give us a call today to get your loved on out the Logan County jail.


Named after General John A. Logan, this is a county in Colorado that had a population of 22, 709 inhabitants based on the 2010 US Census.

Sterling is the county seat of Logan. The country boasts of a growing community of farmers and industrialists. From Denver International Airport, one only takes 90 minutes to fly to Sterling since it is only 125 miles apart. From I-80, one will take only 40 minutes to reach the seat of the county.

The county has more than 600 businesses located here. Some of the sectors that have supported the county’s economy include wind energy, oil, and gas production. In fact, this county has of late become an energy hub for the plains. 

Here are other things you should know about this county:


With a total area of 1,845 square miles, 0.3% or 6.3 square miles is water while the rest is landmass. Most of the people in this county reside in Sterling, along the South Platte. This river cuts into the county and flows northeast where it is shadowed by the Interstate 76.

The following are the bordering counties:

  • Cheyenne County, Nebraska – to the north
  • Sedgwick County – to the east
  • Washington County – to the south
  • Kimball County, Nebraska – to the northwest
  • Weld County – to the west
  • Phillips County – to the east
  • Yuma County – to the southeast
  • Morgan County – to the southwest


As of the 2000 US Census, there were 5, 066 families in 7, 551 households with a density of 5 households for every square mile. The racial composition of the county was as follows:

  • Whites -91.65% 
  • Black or African American- 2.05% 
  • Native Americans 0.64%
  • Asian- 0.40%
  • Pacific Islanders 0.07%
  • Other races -3.77%
  • Two or more races-1.43%
  • Latino or Hispanic or any race-11.90% 


When it comes to presidential elections, Logan County is inclined to the Republican Party. Since 1912, other than only 5 times, the county has largely voted for the Republican presidential candidates.