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Jefferson County is one of the sixty four counties in the sate of Colorado. As of the 2010 census, it is the fourth most populous county in Colorado. Cities in Jefferson County are Westminster, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Evergreen, Morrison, Ken Caryl, Genesee, Indian Hills and Confer.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention is located in Golden, Colorado. We have several agents located in Jefferson County and we are able to provide you with prompt and fast service to the Jefferson County Jail. ASAP Bail Bonds Jefferson County bail bondsmen are available around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. We understand that the bonding process can sometime be complicated and difficult to understand. We are here to help! We are happy to help you navigate through the system and answer any questions that you may have regarding the bail bond process and procedure in Jefferson County.

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Jefferson County Bail Bonding Procedure

When a person is arrested and taken into custody, they will be transported to the Jefferson County Jail facility, located at 200 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado. As part of the booking procedure, the individual will be searched and all of their property is removed and placed in a secure location for safe keeping. The next part of the booking process consists of the officer getting personal information. Name and address is just some of the information that will be gathered for identification purposes. Once identification has been confirmed, they will be finger printed and photographed for police records.

The inmate will then be notified by the officer of the charge(s) that are being filed against the and what the bond dollar amount(s) are for the given charges. At this time the person arrested will be allowed to make phone calls to a friend or family menber via collect calls. They are allowed to call to let people know where they are and to let others know how to assist then in posting their bond. You will NOT be able to call them back. However, you can obtain further information by calling (303) 271-5444 or by logging on to and use the inmate lookup on that site. You will need the inmates first and last name and the date they were booked. The inmate lookup tool allow users to search for inmates currently in custody. If your search locates an inmate, the results will provide further details, including the inmate’s charges, bonds and court dates.Persons in custody under the age of 18 are not listed on this site. The information posted on the web site is updated every 15 minutes.

At this point they will be placed in the jail facility with other inmates until the bond is posted.

If the bond is posted, booking and release times have many factors. The average booking time for the jail is under 6 hours. Release time could be 4-6 hours depending on how busy the jail is with processing inmates for arrests and releases.

If the bond is not posted, they will remain incarcerated for the entire duration of the court process. The court process could take up to a few months to years on serious charges or as little as a few weeks or days on lesser charges against the defendant.

By remaining incarcerated your friend or family could incur such damages as loss of wages or even worse, loss of employment.

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What you need to know:

  • There is a $30 booking fee and a $10 fee per each bond and due to the Jefferson County Jail at the time to process the bond.
  • An appointment must be made by the bail bondsman to write the bail bond. This is required procedure by the Jefferson County jail. Call us anytime at 303-300-0303.
  • The easiest way to look for an inmate is by name at the you may also call 303-271-5444.
  • Bonds can be posted 24 hours a day. There are different types of bonds. If you don’t know the inmate’s type of bond you can use inmate look up or call us at 303-300-0303.
  • 4-12 hours is the most common release time from when the bond is posted. Times can also vary due to how many other people are being arrested and released during that time period. Before an inmate can be booked and released, they must be cooperative with the deputies. Arrestees who are combative are placed in a holding cell until they choose to cooperate. Evenings, weekends, and holidays are traditionally the busiest times for the booking unit.
  • A bond is set according to a Judge, Court ordered warrant or a Bond Commissioner. The purpose of the bond is to assure an individual’s appearance in court. The amount of the bond is what it will take to release an individual from jail.

Major adjacent counties: Boulder and Broomfield ( to the north and northeast), Adams, Denver, Arapahoe and Douglas counties ( all to the east), Teller and Park counties (to the south and southwest) and Clear Creek county (to the west).

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We are dedicated to helping the Jefferson county community families when their loved ones or friends get arrested. We have helped hundreds of people in the same situation get through this difficult, emotionally challenging and sometimes confusing time. We always answer our phone calls, anytime, day or night to assist you and provide you with prompt and professional service. We will get you the help and information you need to start the bail bond process for the county jail. We have local bail bondsmen located in the surrounding areas close to the Jefferson County jail and offer quick and reliable assistance. We are highly connected to the Jefferson judicial system and can insure a speedy release once bond is posted.

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