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How Long Can You Be Out on Bail?

Nobody likes spending time in jail. After an arrest, one will usually seek bail to secure your freedom. The bail terms and conditions differ from one person to another. There are a few things that one can do to maximize their bail period. The type of crime and their criminal records will also determine how long one stays out on bail.

Bail determinants

The severity of the crime is the major determinant. Your representative’s representation can also influence the judge’s decision. Usually, people seek help from attorneys and bail bondsman companies. The negotiations between the court and the accused representative will determine bail duration. The ground under which bail is granted also determines how long one can be out on bail. If it’s an emergency bail especially if its due to medical conditions, one may stay out on bail for long. The doctor in charge of the defendant may also seek bail if the jail cannot provide proper medical attention. The doctor will determine the bail period in that case.

defendant court

Defendant residence

One of the reasons why a defendant may be denied bail is due to flight risk. But if you can prove that there is no risk of flight, then the court will grant bail. Different states have a set period within which an accused can be out on bail. The duration ranges from 90 days to 120 days. But the court will still consider the nature of the crime and your criminal records before granting bail even under the state laws.

Securing bail requires intelligence and diligence

Professionalism and due diligence will help you to secure bail, and also extend the period within which you will be out on bail. The duration will vary depending on your case, the lawyer or bail bondsman company representing you, and the judge.

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