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Driving Under the Influence Part 1

In the United States, driving under the influence is a serious offense. A DUI offense carries huge fines and penalties including the cancellation of one’s driving license if convicted. Repeat offenders face even more severe punishments including being charged with a felony. You may also be forced to post hefty bail bonds to secure your freedom pending trial.

The following are some of the consequences you will face if arrested for a DUI offense:

  • You will be arrested and arraigned in court to face charges relating to the offense
  • Serving a jail term
  • You will pay hefty fines once convicted
  • You will be directed to attend mandatory alcohol-related programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • A judge may place you under probation
  • Your car insurance will get costlier
  • Your driving privileges will be greatly restricted
  • You will carry a financial burden relating to the offense

It is important to note that you can request to be released on a bail bond once you are arrested for driving under the influence. You can involve the services of a reputable DUI attorney during your bail bond application process.

DUI offence

DUI offenses are quite costly.  You will be forced to pay a bail bond to be released, and then pay another bail bond for your vehicle to be released as well, and also pay for the vehicle’s towing fees. Besides, as a result of your risky driving behavior, your insurance premium will cost you more.

DUI offenses come with non-financial consequences. If you are a repeat offender or you caused serious injuries or death to third parties, you may end up in jail for long periods.

 In case you escape a jail term, the courts may direct you to attend alcohol and substance abuse-related probation programs, which interrupt your daily schedules. Your driving behaviors will also be under keen monitoring by the authorities. Any slight mistake will greatly compound your problems.

You should, therefore, take DUI offenses seriously. If you want to escape the dire consequences of DUI offenses, don’t take to the wheel once you have taken alcohol. And if you are arrested for DUI offense, secure a bail bond from a reputable surety bond company in your locality.

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