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Can Cops Lie

 Have you ever heard of police perjury before? Well, it’s common slang in the United States police department. It’s simply the act of a police officer falsely testifying against someone the police believe is guilty. So in that case, yes, the cops can lie!

How do they do it?

Taking for instance, in a situation where you get arrested for immigration issues, there are certain things that you are supposed to do in order for you to get a bail bond.  For one, your criminal history must be clean. So this means the ICE has to get your arrests history from the police. And the police may end up providing false testimonies against you if they believe you are guilty even when you are not. As a matter of fact, the police may present a piece of false evidence to convince the court or the ICE that you’re actually guilty and have been involved in a crime before.

cops false testimony

There are situations when a police false testimony is considered legal in the United States.  For instance, when the police are convinced that you are guilty of a certain crime, they are entirely capable and can actually fake tests to prove you guilty of the alleged crime. For example, there some machines that are used on detainees to prove they are guilty or not. In the case that the police want to show the court that you are actually guilty because they believe you are, they will do just anything to prove that, including providing false machine graphs showing that you lied that you are not guilty! 

In the case that you find yourself in such a situation, it’s advised that you seek to get an appeal bond. This will usually involve placing a particular amount of money put on hold while your appeal request is being processed or decided. Normally, the appeal bond is sent to a higher court by the convicted person requesting a reversal of a previous decision made by a lower court.

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