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Can A Bail Agent Post Bail In Another State?

Depending on the laws of a specific state, a bail bond agent from another state can be allowed to post bail on your behalf once you are arrested. Before you seek out for bail bonds services from companies across the states, you should first determine the type of bail and their payment options. The courts have specific protocols to be followed before a bail bond agent posts bail from another state.

How bail bond works in the state

A bail bond agent from another state must review how bail works in the specific state of interest before posting the bail. There are specific protocols and rules to be followed. Other conditions will include having friends and relatives acting as surety before the judge releases you. The judge will also consider various factors before setting your bail. They may also deny you bail depending on such factors as a flight risk, nature of crime, and your criminal record.

bail bonds in another state

Professional bail agents

A professional bail agent is the only one allowed to post bail from another state. A professional bail agent is more experienced, and has more training and as such, has full knowledge of legal implications touching on bail bonds. They are also aware of court levees, the types of bonds and what type of action to take if you fail to honor court orders.

Posting bail

The law allows a bail agent to post bail at any time of the day. They may post the bail bond at the courts during working hours. A receipt will be issued which must be kept for future reference. The bond agent will then keep reminding you of the court dates so that you don’t miss your appearance. Failure to honor court dates comes with dire consequences including the forfeiture of the bond amount.

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