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Bail for Boating Under the Influence

It is an offense to boat under the influence. If you are arrested for a BUI offense, you can be released by posting a bail bond with the court. But before you post your bail bond there are key things that you should know about BUI offenses:

  • Meaning of BUI
  • What are the charges of BUI?
  • What help can you get from a BUI company?

What is BUI?

There are some safety measures that you must consider while boating. Operating the boat when sober contributes to the safety of others and yourself. Boating while drunk risks the lives of everyone. You may get arrested and charged with a BUI offense.

It is a crime to operate a boat while drunk. If you are arrested, you can secure your freedom by posting bail as you await your trial. You can use the help of a bail bond company if you don’t have money to post your bond.

boating under influence

Charges of BUI

Boating under the influence may land you in the dock. A conviction may result in a long jail term. You may also face hefty fines and penalties including losing your boating license. Your boat may also be impounded as directed by the courts.  A judge may also order that you attend mandatory substance abuse programs and classes.

The help you get from a bail bond company

If you are arrested for BUI, you can get your freedom back albeit temporarily by posting a bail bond. If you cannot afford the amount, a licensed bail bond company will pay the amount of bail as pronounced by the courts. You have to assure the bail bondsman that you will obey all the conditions set by the judge for your release. Failure to adhere to court directives may result in loss of the bail bond amount and additional charges.

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